Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

Proper maintenance on natural stone surfaces such as granite, marble, travertine, and limestone are essential in helping promote the longevity, luster, and natural beauty of the stone.

In addition to the proper homeowner care and maintenance being taken we recommend a professional stone refinishing company service and treat your natural stone surfaces every 2 to 3 years.

Natural stone is used on commercial and residential properties. Natural stone is used for flooring, showers, counters, back splashes, pool decks, and many other applications. Stone is a popular material for building and decorative applications. Stone comes in tile form, slab from, different textures, different finishes, and limitless colors. However, most natural stone surfaces are porous which leaves it prone to staining if left unsealed.

There are three main types of sealers:


Most topical sealers are made from acrylics, polyurethanes, or wax. Topical sealers are effective at stopping stains but they tend to wear out more quickly than penetrating sealers in high traffic areas. Topical sealers are typically used to enhance the color of the stone or concrete surface while giving a high gloss finish. These sealers are not breathable and do not allow moisture to escape from under or within the stone or concrete material itself. Topical sealers are not recommended for areas with a lot of moisture.


Penetrating sealers use siliconates, fluoro-polymers and siloxanes. These sealers penetrate the surface of the stone or concrete which allows them to anchor the material to the surface. Penetrating sealers are generally longer lasting than topical sealers. Penetrating sealers come in natural and color enhancing formulas. These sealers are more breathable than topical sealers.


Impregnating sealers use silanes. Silanes are tiny molecules that penetrate deep into the stone or concrete surface. Impregnating sealers penetrate deeper into the stone or concrete surface deeper than any other sealer type. Impregnating sealers come in natural and color enhancing formulas. Silane based impregnators help protect against efflorescence and other mineral deposits.

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